Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Feedback Appreciated

Well, today is the last day of August, and as things end other things begin. When things begin, I often wonder how they should go. So, today I thought the question should be, how do you want this blog to go? I have some specifics that I have been considering, so I thought that I would run them by you.

The current format is a post with content I find interesting on Fridays (Philosophical Friday), and questions on Tuesdays (Response Tuesday). How is that working for you? I have trimmed out my more frequent updates in hopes of not giving readers content shock, but there are some things I have been considering adding. If I do add some stuff, I could add it here, and you could read it at your own discretion, or I could create a separate blog to segregate posts by topic.

Some of the topics I have considered giving voice are my daily life and religion. Also, I enjoyed having a theme in July, but when August's theme flopped *nasty glare at people who didn't suggest topics* I found I had fun making a post on a topic of my choice, like Find Your Song. So, I have considered putting one day in for topical thought provoking posts and one for a post of my whimsy.

So, if I did all of these and did them on my Blog my schedule might look something like the following. My Life Monday, Topical Tuesday, Response Wednesday, Theological Thursday, Free Choice Friday. Of course, that might be a lot of content to churn out, especially during the school year, but I could adjust things so I wrote on MWF one week and TTh the next.

So, my question to you is twofold. First, what content sounds interesting? Secondly, should I add it to this blog, or segregate it by topic?

Oh, if you happen to be stuck in a training meeting all day, here's a more open ended question to chew on. This occurred to me while driving past a log-truck filled with lumber. Specifically, are dead trees still trees? More generally, consider the boundaries of nouns, how do you tell when one "leaves" the category a noun describes? Are cats still "cats" after they die, are lions "cats", are stuffed animal cats "cats"?

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Frank said...

I actually was only in the training for three hours and then had a great Mexican meal for lunch, so I pulled through. Here's what I like: My Life Monday, Topical Tuesday, Response Wednesday, Theological Thursday, Free Choice Friday. I do realize the time constraints, so the MWF you suggest might be good, and in fact, maybe Tues,Fri and just cycle through these topics.

I also like keeping it all in this blog as it just makes it easier to respond.

Finally, a felled tree becomes wood for whether it goes to a saw mill, pulp mill or your wood stove, whoever is working with it will call it wood, or maybe a log, but most definitely not a tree. Thus the equation tree = living; wood = dead. A

s far as the dead cat, it's still a cat. I have buried a few of ours and always refer to them as cats, even though they are most likely fertilizer, now. Lions? A big kitty that can hurt you bad, but still a kitty. A stuffed kitty is a toy, I think, or maybe a weapon if owned by a three year old who wants to chuck it at his big sis.