Thursday, January 27, 2011


I am irritated every time I have to enter a Captcha code to comment on a blog. After all, I know that I am human! Also, I sometimes forget to do the Captcha then don't comment. This is why my blog, currently, does not require a Captcha.

However, I do get a fair amount of SpamBot generated commenting. This isn't something I mind much, Blogger is fairly good about recognizing it and quarantining it, so I don't even need to delete it. I am disappointed to see an E-mail about a comment, then realize there is nothing personal and interesting in the comment. Since I encourage people to subscribe to the comment thread for posts that they comment on, it occurs to me that you too might suffer disappointment when disingenious comments are made.

So, I am opening it up to your input, what do you think about Captcha requirements to post on the blog? If people make a good argument for them, I'll implement them. After all, it isn't as though I'd need to verify my own comments, I think...


elfarmy17 said...

The only thing about entering the codes that bugs me is when I forget to enter it and exit out of the tab without my comment registering.
I don't know how much they actually help against spam, though. Bots have made it through to my blog a couple of times despite my requirement for the codes. But does it happen to you more often than once every few months?
And no, you don't have to type them in when commenting on your own blog.

Kenny said...

I have 15 spam comments in my comment folder starting from early November. However, I linked to my post on Kant's categorical imperative from the Ning, and it received 2/3 of the spam comments, so perhaps there is causation there.