Friday, February 18, 2011

The Scream

I wish I could Scream
But I am hemmed in on all sides
Compressed by strangers I will never meet
And so I abide

I want to pour all by rage and frustration
Into a long, lingering ululation
Expel my soul deep consternation
In one violent exhalation

But should I give in and pour my soul dry
I'll not only share my sorrow with sympathetic sky
These people who endlessly cluster all around
Would also hear my primal sound

Though I may pass a hundred on the street
We never speak and we never meet
And while it may cause my heart to break
I choke down the Scream all for their sake

Far be it that I should let loose with a roar
And try to set free my soul to soar
If it t'would disturb the stranger next door
So I shall abide, just a little more

Thus I restrain, exhale, deflate
Return now to my slow demise
Try to accept that it is my fate
To hold the rage of the Scream inside

It's enough to make you Scream

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