Saturday, July 2, 2011


You may have noticed that I have not posted recently. Like many other fun internet things I do in my spare time, blog posting got shoved out of my life as I tried to teach a 5 credit class and take a 5 credit class both in the span of 13/2 weeks. Those of you who see me on Facebook already know this had mixed results, academically and emotionally. But, now all that is over, and I have lots of browser tabs open with things that I wanted to blog about, but couldn't find the energy to adequately address. I may not feel up to it today, but by tomorrow I will have a real post about something up, and I will be updating more than once a month the rest of the summer. Thanks for sticking with me!


elfarmy17 said...

Oh, the multitude of tabs containing things intended to be done eventually...I know them well.

Kenny said...

Yeah, sometimes I write a post just to make my browsers look a little more manageable.