Thursday, April 26, 2007

Love Sucks

After entertaining the idea for a while, I finally decided to make the commitment and try to develop a lasting relationship. At first it was wonderful, I was able to get to know my partner better, which caused me to change and learn about myself. However, after some time we began to experience some communications issues. What used to be a free and open interchange of information has become slow; often I give up in frustration before getting a reply. I have started seeing my last partner because there the communication is so much better.

Of course, I am referring to my choice to use Firefox this year. As much as I love Firefox, and as sexy as the tabs are, I know something is wrong between us. Perhaps it is my Microsoft operating system savaging Firefox out of spite, but for some reasons often times a simple request at Blogger or Facebook will cause Firefox to stop responding for minutes on end. Speaking of the end, that is where my wits are. I have been returning to the undeniably evil, but more convenient, Microsoft Internet Explorer. What else can I do when my other browser is comatose?

Perhaps my computing habits need to change, or perhaps I will return to whence I came. I will miss the tabs though, which is ironic considering they are one of the negative features I listed about Firefox in the first place. This illustrates a frustrating component of my personality, I am really quite an adaptable person but I just lack motivation to change too often. See, I did learn about myself in this relationship. Here's hoping that Firefox and I pull through and can celebrate many more successful Google searches.

P.S. I remembered how to log in this time, go me!


Michael said...

or you could just buy more ram and settle the issue that way

Techmage said...

The point is, IE works without me spending more money, while sadly, FF does not.