Friday, April 24, 2009

For the nerd in all of us

Querty vs. Dvorak

This update is mostly motivated by my resumption of a years old quest to learn to type using the Dvorak keyboard layout, likely attributable to my recent completion of today's homework assignment and the accompanying brain-worthlessness. As a side note, I am writing this post in Dvorak, which serves the treble purpose of granting me practice, exercising my patience, and honing my humility.

Qualifications: I can cruise at about 50 or 55 WPM in Querty, with gusts up to 70, due to lifelong training, particularly during formative elementary aged years. With regards to Dvorak, I first attempted to develop the ability to type in Dvorak during my Freshman year of college, nigh unto five years ago. Although pressures upon my time caused me to cease before attaining a desired mastery of the layout, I revisit the project from time to time, improving with each return I believe.

Arguments for Querty:
Knowing where the colon key is: +2
Default layout on most English keyboards: +4 (Ubiquity is useful Linux users)
Being able to type 50 WPM is convenient, especially in modern life, especially in academia: +5

Arguments for Dvorak:
Learning new things promotes mental accuity, and languages frighten me: +3
Dvorak sounds cooler than Querty: +1
It is also niche and elitist: +1
Developing a totally new skill is rewarding, and something I haven't done in a while: +3
I can mess with the minds of people using my keyboard: +2

Conclusion, Querty is probably the most logical choice of keyboard layouts for me, for now! If I can polish my l33t Dvorak skills in my *copious* free time then perhaps the sums would work out differently. Well, at least I deserve congratulations for making it through this update in Dvorak, 15 WPM here I come! Ciao!

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Techmage said...

Addendum: The worst part about Dvorak is passwords, it's hard when you don't know what you are typing!