Saturday, April 11, 2009

Ultimate Showdown

I want to revitalize my blog, so I plan to run a series of comparisons in order to get myself into the habit of writing. Here is an example:

Writing in My Blog vs. Not Writing in My Blog

Qualifications: It is my life, and my blog, so I feel that I am the uniquely qualified best person in the world to decide which is preferable.

Arguments for Writing in My Blog:
I want to do something creative and share my thoughts. (+3)
I want to be an internet sensation. (+1)
I want to motivate myself to write more (+2)

Arguments for Not Writing in My Blog:
At the moment it is causing me to split my attention 3-ways. (+2)
I have a short attention span and probably won't become an internet sensation right away. (+1)
It might make me feel guilty if I stopped writing in it regularly (+2)

So, by one point, it seems that I prefer to start writing in my blog, which, conveniently enough, I am doing. Tune in next time, which ought to be soon. Planned comparison, math and philosophy.

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