Saturday, March 6, 2010

I'm Sorry, I Lose

I was just reading through some old blogs, and feeling terribly nostalgic, when I remembered that I had, with perfect sincerity, intended to update this more often. Now, unfortunately, I cannot even remember my idea for Cities & Knights on a large board with fewer players, I assume that raising the victory point thresh-hold for victory was part of it. In other news, board game night this evening, at which I played Settlers, and Dominion for the first time since acquiring it. If you enjoy strategy games or CCG (collectible card games) I suggest you give this game a try some time.

Other news, I have been attempting to restructure my life in order to regain the feeling that I am living it, rather than suffering through it. Toward that end I have recently resumed my dancing ways in some small manner. This serves the double purpose of being a gateway to awesomeness and providing some fresh water to my small and swiftly stagnating social circle. Unfortunately I managed to forget much of that which I used to know. Fortunately, this can be remedied by dancing, which is pretty fun as remedies go.

Health has been touch and go since last I posted, last semester I played host to what I identified as a flu and at another time a cold, in addition to two professionally diagnosed ear infections, one in each ear at the same time at least. This semester has been better, I was sick recently, I cold I believe, and have had annoying sinus issues all term. There is something to be said for being ill, since once I recover there is an increased appreciation of whatever level of health I have regained. Also in the plus column, my cold was timed properly to mess up a weekend, rather than interfering with my dancing schedule.

Well, being up until 6 AM is not entirely in keeping with my new attitude toward life, but I think it is forgivable considering the spring break situation. However, I shall be heading to bed now. Hopefully this time I shall actually update more often. I am considering mentioning my blog on Facebook in order to drum up interest, and hopefully responses, which would in turn increase my own interest in the project. We'll see, I might end up being to proud to do something that sounds so much like asking for attention.


Max said...

I'm glad to hear you're dancing again! I realized recently how much Lindy/Hustle/Tango I never remembered or forgot instantly (I don't remember which) after taking the class. To that end, partly: Lindy II next term!

Anonymous said...

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Techmage said...

Max, I would imagine you are in the class with my sister? How is it going? You know, we could talk if you got on Skype like, ever. On a related note, when I'm in town I want to take an afternoon and get together with my Lindy Hopping friends and have you help me remember how to dance.

Mike, that is just odd. Not your story, but the fact that it ended up in my blog. One might suspect that you are a spambot...

On that note, and with thought of a recent XKCD, I was thinking the other day of pretending to be a spambot. We have funky writing to try and tell when a spambot is imitating a human, but how would we know when a human imitates a spambot. Some sort of reverse Turing test?

Max said...

Everyone knows Levi's makes the best Jeans. I just love how they fit! But only after I lost those last five pounds thanks to Dietstra brand diet drink! I swear it works and I'm just your average math grad student so you know you can relate to me. And speaking of relations... hoo boy have I got some hot spam for you!

Techmage said...

Sorry Max, but if you want me to believe that you are a spam bot, not a math grad, you are going to need to talk less about averages and relations. It would be ideal if you would just use simple terms that would ring true in a normal conversation, not a bunch of technical terms from the field of mathematics.