Monday, September 20, 2010

Mea Culpa

This time I did not forget that it was Friday, my fault no post on consciousness last week. With the semester getting into swing and such, I have been feeling down again, and putting serious thought and effort into a post has just seemed overwhelming. However, since one of my intentions for this blog is to keep myself thinking philosophically even when I just want to curl up and hide, I shall attempt to get back upon the horse.

To that end, you can certainly expect a Theological post come Wednesday. I am leaning toward discussing my interpretation of salvation, I was going to do this anyway, but I think I'll advance the timetable because my sister posted a wonderful and caring post on this topic. Come Friday I shall post something related to the philosophy of consciousness.

Part of the reason for no post last Friday is a lack of ideas on what to post, I plan to talk about the ghost in the machine, which is enough for a short post at the moment, but no additional topic to get it to full size. Of course, not wanting to think about what to post does influence how full of ideas I am. If I come up with material for a fourth post on consciousness, I shall post a make up sometime. I think I had four posts planned out, so I should just have to remember what I was going to talk about, but we'll see.

Nothing particularly new in my life, but I feel this has been about my life enough to satisfy the Monday requirement. Classes and teaching are draining me of my elan vital. It is ironic that when classes start they drain all my motivation to think, right? I think I am going to drop my first grad class, I can get more sleep, stress a little less, it isn't terribly interesting, and I haven't gone to the last to meetings. Well, hope others are having more successful school starts.


Clover said...

I'm right there with you. I don't have the energy to do much school work. It's been three weeks since I started my new course and I've read maybe a chapter. So now I'm really far behind and have zero motivation to get caught up :( Good luck to the both of us.

Kenny said...

Oh no! I am not too far behind, per se, yet, thankfully. What course, not interesting? Feeling much better today, nothing like sleeping for 12 hours then going dancing to help reset a mood. But I just feel like I have so much to do! Grrr @ life.

Frank said...

I detest September, Kenny, because I am just so exhausted the entire month. My throat hurts from talking so much, and each year my summer laziness hangs on longer and longer. I am hoping to hang up the building job in January, 2012, and maybe will like September better when I am exclusively teaching online.

Kenny said...

I had thought that you were leaving the physical classroom sooner than that. Almost lost my voice in class today, I imagine that is one thing with which you shall not need to contend once you make the switch.