Saturday, March 5, 2011

Something Incoherent and Strange

If you are coming over from Facebook, you probably already know this post is about Charlie Sheen. However, the title is about this post, considering how exhausted I am as I write this. I have been a bit lax about posting this week, and the reason is I have another "tie everything together" type education post I want to make, but I am having trouble wrapping my head around it. So instead I shall write a post about which I do not need to think too much.

I know I shall not need to think about it too much because my entire life I have gotten by terribly well without thinking about Charlie Sheen too much. Well, that may not be true, but my personal problems are in no way related to my lack of Sheen contemplation. In fact, it was not until yesterday that I learned who Charlie Sheen is. Of course I had seen him on ads for Two and a Half Men, but that in no way means I could put a name to his face.

Once he popped up on my radar, I learned a bit about Sheen. Although I have not attempted to find clips of his rants, as they seem at best irrelevant, and at worst a rather cruel thing to joke about, I have picked up a few tidbits about perception of his life. According to the people "in the know," Sheen has drug problems, alcohol problems, mental problems, and domestic abuse problems. Of course, many people have these problems, it is just that, unlike them, Sheen does not live under an overpass and his rants get an audience of millions. Which brings me to my main message, get over it people! Unless you have a solid plan to assist Sheen, with the expertise to back it up and the desire to help it does not seem to be any of your business.

The other thing I wanted to address was this wonderful NPR article, which asks if there is a point at which we stop exploiting Sheen and start trying to help him. The answer is, as soon as his antics become unprofitable. This it the way capitalism works, Sheen is a commodity to be used up. I hope he manages to get some control of his life, but if not we shall use him up until there is nothing left, or the public becomes, justifiably, bored with his antics.

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elfarmy17 said...

I know even less about the man than you do, and judging by this and the Gadaffi vs. Sheen truth or fail, I'm not convinced I really want to know.
But I'm looking forward to the education post!