Saturday, March 19, 2011

We're Planning a Party!

As post 100 continues to creep closer, I have been wondering what I want to do with these last few posts leading up to it and with my 100th post. In my next couple of posts I want to write up some ideas I have had for a while. While my blog idea list continues to expand more than it shrinks, I would like to put out the third and final (planned) post in my Kantian respect and in my philosophy of pop music series.

That will take me up to post one hundred. As for that post, while I have some ideas, I also would like to know if you have any thoughts. It is clear to me that the main reason I have stuck with it so long, albeit erratically, is the pleasure I get from reading your responses, especially those that present a new perspective from which to view the situation, or expand on a point I may have overlooked.

It is not often that someone as inherently flighty as I am puts this much effort into a personal hobby; there is an embarrassingly bad set of webcomics to attest to that, and even my math blog has been lacking in updates lately. That I made it this far is because this isn't just a personal hobby to me, this is a shared undertaking. So, it only makes sense that I at least invite you to help plan my 100th post, since you have already helped me get to a place that I can talk about writing it.

I check my pageview stats slightly obsessively, because it is nice to know that what I write is being read. However, in addition to corrupted data from reporting computerized accesses, by SpamBots and the like, pageviews cannot tell me how much people are thinking about a post. To gauge that I basically rely on comments. Nothing heartens me more than to see commenters engaging in discussions independent of my participation in the comment thread.

If you have a thought regarding the 100th post, please feel free to leave it. And, as always, feel free to respond if you feel the urge! I'm sure I'll say it again in a couple of days, but it bears repeating, thank you for getting me this far!


elfarmy17 said...

I missed my 100th post. And my 200th post. And my 300th post. And my 1-year anniversary. So I've given up on marking blog milestones. Besides, mine isn't so much of a thing I need to stick to as it is a thing I need to keep myself away from.

But since you're not me, congratulations! :)

Your comments on my posts are very much enjoyed, and I certainly try my best to provide interesting stuff for you on here.

Kenny said...

Every once in a while I need to enforce my one post per day limit to keep myself from talking too much, but usually the amount of time that writing a post takes will do it for me. On my year anniversary I only had 4 posts! So thank you, for the congratulations, for your comments, and for appreciating my comments ;)