Monday, July 5, 2010

Complaint/Challenge: In Which I Use the Slash A Lot

I have been updating a lot recently and I just wanted to reassure people that I am going to limit myself to one post per day. So the most you will have to deal with is one post per day, and you can expect at least one post per week, on or near Friday, which should be something which I think is thought-provoking.

Now to my promised complaint, since it is no longer Independence Day, which I hope everyone enjoyed by the way. Atheists are Amoral Animals had 19 comments, of which I believe 6 were mine, which was a rousing success in my book. My two most recent Friday posts have 3 comments total, if I add in the other things I have posted on other days I believe the total jumps to 6. Now, I suppose it helps that my Atheist argument seems to have been flawed, and you can look for a reformulation in the future to try to save it, but I want more comments.

To encourage them, I shall pose a question to you, about what would you like to see me write? It can be a specific topic (the abolition of man, the book "The Abolition of Man," moral relativism, how I choose what clothing to buy), or a general suggestion (book/movie/videogame/pizza reviews or whatever). Please feel free to be as creative as you choose. Now, if the idea fits into a Friday format, and I get four (or five, depending on how long August is), then August will be commentator's choice month, which allows me to push my reformulation of Atheists into September since it won't fit Feminist July.

Now, an incentive, I hope, if you comment here on a post in the next two weeks, that is, until Friday of next week, and let me know what your blog/livejournal/WordPress or analogous project is, I shall post at least one comment on EACH post you make in the same time frame. You may of course opt out by letting me know in your comment or some other form that you don't want me showing up a ton of times in your project comments. Even if you don't want me blathering on your site, please feel free to pass along a link, so I can at least read it.


californian said...

Kenny, I'd like to know how you got from "here" to there. You know, middle school in Newport all the way to Michigan and a doctorate program. You are an anomoly for this rural area and next I'd like to know how to subscribe to your blog so I get it every day that you write. I have missed you and I don't say that very often about students I have had. :-)

Kenny said...

Answering questions, in reverse. If you send me your E-mail address I can add it to a list of people who get E-mailed new posts. If I am correct it guessing who you are then you can get me your E-mail via a method other than leaving it in a public post. I can add up to 10 addresses, since you are the first to ask this is no problem, but just because I can do this for californian is no guarantee I can always do it. The other option is to add me to an RSS feed, and I don't know what that is, but what it does is show when things in it are updated. This is similar to what I have to the right of my entries at the top, so I can see when my friends update.

Question one will be answered in a post, which you can expect sometime after Friday. While considering how I got here might be thought provoking for me, it probably isn't so thought provoking for others as to warrant a Friday billing. This is good, since I can get to it before July.

Glad to hear from you, and if you want me to read and or comment on an online project of yours please let me know. Again, if I'm guessing correctly, your classes were very enjoyable, and probably responsible for much of my enjoyment of writing.