Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Gonna Go Fishin'

Today's question comes from Cameo, who asks, "When someone is fishing for compliments, do you humor him/her?"

As always, the point is to get you to answer the question. So answer it. As usual, I'll kick it off with my answer:


Oh, wanted more that that? Why, you might ask. Complements are good, and as long as there is something that can be honestly complemented, they cost you nothing. Personally, I don't think we complement enough in our society, so if someone is feeling praise starved, sending some their way seems nice. On the other hand, if someone does this persistently, I may stop being so generous with my praise. Maybe just out of slight annoyance, or to keep them from becoming dependent upon my positive reinforcement.

I hope this isn't in reference to me ;) Well, what's your answer. I'm not fishing for complements, I'm fishing for comments, and that is something you should always indulge!

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Max said...

I'm a rainbow trout!