Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Do You Do the YouTube?

It may be after midnight in Michigan, but you may have noticed this blog runs on Pacific Time (and I'm late sometimes anyway). So, we are going to have Response Tuesday anyway!

I have decided to edit what the word "favorite" means to me. I used to have terrible trouble with questions about favorite things, because over the span of my life I have run into a lot of great things in about any category you could reasonably name. However, if one interprets favorite as, "the one that you are most excited at the moment," then the selection set gets diminished to reasonable proportions. For some things I may go back to the old concept of favorite, like movies, the only two movies I have watched recently were good but not exceptional, so I would have to search through my life to get a favorite.

Using the new definition of favorite, this is a YouTube video of my favorite song at the moment.

I also really like this song also, so thought I should mention it as well.

Here is a song that I have long enjoyed.

And finally, a twist on a meme that I don't want to be forgotten.

All that said, my request is that you let me know what your favourite videos on YouTube are. Feel free to be self promoting, if you have something of your own on YouTube that you think is really neat, and don't feel constrained to a single thing, I sure didn't.

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