Monday, December 19, 2011

Higher Standards

This post is not about standardized testing, as the title might lead you to believe. Actually, it is about the webcomic, Questionable Content. More specifically, this strip. I have decided that Elliot, the one is, presumably, wearing pants, would be my hero, if he were an actual person.

While I tend to hold myself to fairly high standards, in many things, I think, I often assume that other people do not hold themselves to such standards, nor should they be. Then Elliot comes and gently taps some sense into me. For one thing, it is just downright insulting to think that I should be held to higher standards than other people, so I should stop that. Also, if other people can't/don't live up to those standards, but still manage to live good lives, it bears questioning in what sense the standards are "higher". Finally, maybe I'm missing out on how much better than my expectations people actually are, if this is the case, I firmly blame Internet comment threads ;)

I wanted to write about another QC strip, but I think that post will take more thought, so it gets postponed until I'm trapped in an airport or have more time on my hands.


elfarmy17 said...

QC!!!! :D

I was actually thinking about that strip through a good bit of 1st period this morning. (Also, your link doesn't appear to be working, but I know which one you're talking about.)

Kenny said...

Thanks for the heads up, should be fixed now. For some reason my editor got stuck in html mode last night, which kind of disconcerted me, I'm going to blame that for me screwing up the hyperlink ;)