Sunday, December 25, 2011


So, my sister wanted me to write a blog post filled with her quotes, even though, in her own words, "I'm not that funny." So, I think I'll do something like that today. My brother-in-law suggests that I post a mixture of quotes from Karen and Nietzsche quotes and have you, the home audience, try to guess which is which. But I think I'll just steal a bunch of strange things my sister has said that I posted to Facebook.

Here is a conversation between myself and my sister.
Hermana: I was hoping that someone at least would notice I looked like I'm from Eugene.
Me: Dirty hippie?
Hermana: I was hoping for the regular type of hippie.
Me: That IS the regular type of hippie.

To put this conversation into context, we had just returned from a candlelight service at a local church. I, being the soul of style, went with a modest black ensemble announcing, "Look at me still talking when there's Science to do." Karen, however, felt the need to dress up in sandals and multicolored socks to proclaim her crazy hippie roots. In both our defenses, at least we were clean.

Later that evening I began to whistle one Christmas carol or another. The vibrato I put on some of the notes reminded Karen of Gandalf's whistle to summon Shadowfax in The Lord of the Rings movies. So, she exclaimed, "Here comes Shadowfax, the Christmas pony!" Whereupon we immediately attempted to come up with lyrics to the obvious Christmas song variation.

Unfortunately, my sister isn't immune to fame. Knowing I had posted how amusing she was, and various friends had noticed this and "liked" it, whatever that means, she grew hungry for still more attention and acclaim. This led her to badger me to see if more people had "liked" the status over night, culminating with the rather unfortunate exclamation, "Has anyone liked this today? What! Only four people liked it, don't all your friends like me?!" I promise, she is not as insecure as she sounds, she just acknowledges how awesome my friends tend to be.

My sister is, of course, pretty awesome herself. I hope you have enjoyed this glimpse into my family, and maybe understand a bit better where someone as silly as me could have come from. If this wasn't enjoyable, sorry; when trying to post every day, they cannot all be winners. After all, as my sister says, "It's NaNoBloYoFo...PoPo""

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