Monday, December 12, 2011

I got the MoBloYoFoMo Blues

The problem with vowing to update a blog every day for a month, aside from the obvious one of forgetfulness, is that you are supposed to update even on days when you are dead tired from grading nearly all day. In fact, if I were one of those normal people who worked 8 hours each day (hmmm, ask fact checker if those people still exist), I would have spent more than a days work just grading exams today. There was a lot of grading, I am still haunted by the trauma llama from all the grading. Anyway, as you may have already guessed, due to these unfortunate circumstances, we shall not be saying anything of note here today. I was going to post some more thoughts about the standardization of education, but having spent the entire day grading uniform finals, I can't. I think that may be ironic, and not the Alanis Morissette kind.

The good thing with vowing to update a blog every day for a month is that you are supposed to even when it is three in the morning and you really should be going to sleep, because sometimes gritting ones teeth and writing a blog post into the wee hours of the morning produces something worth thinking about, but not today.


Karen said...

Matthew works eight hour days almost every day. Just so you know.

Also, the title of your post reminded me of a piece I played on the piano many many many years ago. It was called something like 'Piano playin chocolate eaters blues'. It had lyrics. "I've got the piano playin' chocolate eaters blues!... I've had so much chocolate now I'm stuuuuuuuuuuck."

Kenny said...

Poor Matthew! I hope you realize you just volunteered to be the fact checker...