Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Semester is Done

I turned in my last homework on Friday, then I worked out and submitted final grades today, so I think the semester is finished. It has been moderately exhausting. This was my second semester teaching two classes, and teaching two classes always seems to generate a surprising increase in the amount of grading I feel like I am doing. Furthermore, one of those classes was at 9:10 AM. While I have been known to take the occasional 9:10 class, when one is a student, one can sleep through class when the sleep debt becomes too severe. When one is the teacher, this is not a choice.

I think I will be able to arrange not to teach at 9:10 next semester, which will be nice, as I was utterly exhausted toward the end of this semester. It also looks like my last class will be early afternoon, rather than a 4:10-5:30 slog. Although I am by no means a morning person, once I am awake and active, I tend not to slide back into sleep easily. But mid to late afternoon is long enough after I have woken up that sitting in a lecture is likely to allow me to fall back asleep. Between starting later and having my classes earlier, I am quite hopeful that I shall attend most of my classes and stay awake through all the ones I attend.

I didn't finish my comprehensive exam, the next big milestone on my way to finishing. This means I do not think I will be taking a philosophy class, as doing so was to be my reward for getting that done. However, I have been toying with the idea of taking a formal logic course. While this would technically be through the philosophy department, it is not the type of philosophy I tend to try to take, and is closely related to mathematics, as a broad subject.

Anyway, I am looking forward to next semester for a variety of reasons, but before it gets here, I guess I have to take a winter break, such tough luck ;)


elfarmy17 said...

Oh no! Winter break!
We have 3 days left until ours, but then another week of school and exams in January before the semester's over.

Kenny said...

I will never understand schools that put exams on the other side of break. While I suppose break gives one ample time to study, and we don't really want students to forget the material after just a couple of weeks, it seems to defeat the idea of break. Studying over break removes half the break-y-ness of it, plus I would have background anxiety the whole time about the tests coming up. But, hope you are not as neurotic as I am, and enjoy your break!