Thursday, December 1, 2011

MoBloYoFoMo Ground Rules

Well, here it is. A month where I'm supposed to put up a new blog post each day... why did I choose a month with so many days again? Since I will be producing prose at such a prodigious rate, I cannot guarantee, in fact I don't even suspect, that what I write will be up to what I consider to be my normal standard of interestingness and thought-provoketivity. Take this post for example.

In fact, I still have a little over a week left in the semester, so for that time I shall be scrambling to post something each day. However, I promise not to fall back to updates about my life too often; I get bored writing those and I can only imagine how bored you must be reading them. One of my favorite things about this blog is how much enjoyment I get out of going back and re-reading things I have posted. When I was searching for my favorite posts to list in my 100th post I saw a lot of interesting things that I had forgotten that I'd written. Of course, my absolute favorite thing about this blog is the discussions that will occasionally pop up in the comments, but looking back and realizing how clever I am is up there.

After school gets out I should have a bit more time to put into my posts. There are various topics that I have wanted to talk about, but have yet to find the time and or motivation to put together the polished post that I think they deserve. Maybe I'll crack open my cache of blog ideas and get some use out of that. Then I head out for adventure! Or, maybe just on vacation to visit family and friends. Either way, I'll be busier, so maybe back to the inane, "this is what I am doing," type posts, but at least they will be slightly more interesting.

I did not write up a bunch of posts so I have one on standby in case I get too busy to write one on a given day, both because this doesn't seem in the spirit of NaNoWriMo, and because it seems ridiculous for me to stop publishing in my blog to save up for a plan that is supposed to get me to publish in my blog more. However, now that December has begun I reserve the right to write posts ahead of time and publishing them as needed to keep on schedule. Doing something that prepared doesn't really sound like something I would do, but stranger things have happened. I'll see you tomorrow!

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