Wednesday, December 21, 2011


So, the premise of MoBloYoFoMo is that I write a blog post every day in the month of December. Of course, this is already not going to happen because I forgot a day or two back at the beginning. Which raises the question, what happens when I miss a day? Do I simply blog one extra day into January? (lame!) Do I have to do an entire extra week in January? (punishment, yes, but kind of harsh!)

I think it would be beneficial for me to have some sort of defined repercussion for failure to post on a given day. For one, it will help me decide to skip days when I need to, because then I will know what the atonement shall have to be. I was very much considering skipping today, because it is late and I really should head to sleep, but then I got to thinking, "well, what will happen if I do skip today?" and I thought I could eke a blog post out of that. Furthermore, since I have said, "this month I will blog every day," choosing not to post on a given day feels like willfully going back on my word, which is not to be done. If I have agreed ahead of time that there is a repercussion for not posting, there is already an acknowledgement that sometimes posts may not happen, so I can uphold my honesty and ALSO get some sleep! Win-win!

So, since my ideas switch between lame and harsh, do you have any thoughts as to what my penance ought be? Of course, no promise to adopt your suggestion, but I would like to hear them. Ok, it's short, but I feel this counts as a blog post.


elfarmy17 said...

I think that instead of punishing yourself for not blogging with more blogging, you should punish yourself by doing things you don't want to do that are ultimately good for you.
It's up to you to decide what those are, of course, but why not be productive?

Kenny said...

Isn't that what I'm doing? I have to admit that sometimes blogging feels like an onerous chore, since it is not the way I prefer to organize my thoughts. But I do think it is good for me, and therefore I try to do it. I would like to think that my blogging is also productive ;)